How To Crack UPSC Exam In The First Attempt?

By | 26th December 2016

There are plenty of reasons why the UPSC exams are deemed to be the toughest ones to crack or fondly called as the tough nut to crack.

The road to the UPSC pinnacle are paved with different sorts of risks and challenges as per the assumption of many.upsc exam tips and tricks

There are different qualities required beforehand while one is about to take on the preparation for the exam like:

● Hard Work
● Commitment
● Self Initiative
● Dedication

For the ones among you who wants to stick to their preparation, the inputs mentioned below would be helpful to perform at your best level right from the word go.

Get the right guidance

As the primary step, make sure that you have got the right guidance. Understand that the right guidance would take you to the desired result.

Always remember that not every guidance has got the capacity to take you there. If you manage to get some advice from a knowledgeable person without understanding the working of the exam process, it would not be of much help to you.

For instance, it has been heard that Byju’s the learning app one of the pioneers in UPSC coaching have been providing classes both in offline and online mode with video lectures, mocks tests and so on.

Hence it would be worth for you to have a look at their site for further details

Be selective about the learning material

It is a well known fact for most of us that there are plenty of materials available in the market where aspirants could literally get confused as to which material should they refer and which one they shouldn’t.

Hence it would be crucial that you grab those materials like the NCERT Textbooks and learn things bit by bit instead of trying to cram information all at once.

Tackle the topic of Current Affairs in the right manner

Aspirants of the the CSE would be well aware of the fact that at least 50 percent of the exam are from the current affairs section and even some sections that are part of the CBSE syllabus.

Unlike what certain aspirants do like remembering important facts and events by relying on factsheets, the aspirants should do an analysis of the important news and thus have an all round or comprehensive idea about general issues but referring to news papers like ‘The Hindu’

Do not consume Current Affairs at one stretch

Aspirants should be wary of the fact that current affairs should not be learnt by heart as it would not sound healthy especially when it comes to the candidate’s performance during the exam.

Hence it is advisable that you shouldn’t cram these topics and stick to minimal resources

Find a Mentor

For preparing for competitive exams at the level of civil services, it would be ideal that you take advice from people who have been there and seen it all viz.

Experts who have cleared exams like these as valuable inputs from them would provide you with the tactics and strategies to clear exams like these.

The points mentioned above would have given you an idea on why people fall short of clearing the CSE owing to not considering the matters discussed above.

Hence aspirants should give these matters with its due regard if they wish to clear these exams.

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